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Latin Square

250 S Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 608-4181
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Latin Square is a hidden gem in the downtown area. If you work downtown, chances are you are familiar with this wonderful little place and what it offers. 

During the lock down from Covid-19, Latin Square took the time to refurbish and update the interior of the restaurant, which has always been a to-go set up. 

The inside of Latin Square is small and everything is made to go. They offer a variety of traditional dishes such as Picadillo, Ropa Vieja, Cuban Sandwiches and Oven Roasted Chicken. You can also find items like Cuban Gumbo,Tuna Sandwiches, a Chupe Soup on Thursdays and Grilled Salmon on Fridays.

For that little pick me up, Latin Square has a nice selection of espresso's, cafe con leches, pastries and other desserts.

The service is always fast and friendly at Latin Square, and the food is always hot and good. They do a great job of making you feel like long lost family here, and you will not be disappointed with whatever you order.

The all new Inside of Latin Square.

Chupe is a generic term used in South America to describe a variety of stews generally made with chicken, red meat, lamb or beef tripe and other offal, or with fish, shrimp, crayfish or shellfish and vegetables, potatoes or yuca. Chupe is available on Thursdays at Latin Square and is a thick and delicious stew made with chicken and served with a side of mixed vegetables. 

They make an excellent Cuban at Latin Square, so I was a bit disappointed when they ran out of pork and I could not have the traditional Cuban, but they offered me one with shredded chicken instead, and it was quite tasty!

Always great sides…. Sweet Plantains and Morro, a combination of black beans and rice, already combined together.

The Pepito is made with grilled steak, chicken or roasted pork, Swiss cheese, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro sauce, garlic sauce, pink sauce and potato sticks and is muy excelente!!

A Quesito is always a perfect ending to any visit to Latin Square.

The food here is always good, and the people that run it are even better, stop by sometime and grab a cafe con con leche and a Cuban sandwich and of course a quesito, you’ll be glad you did.

Latin Square is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. They are closed Saturday and Sunday.

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This N' That Eats

1811 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 757-0810

Chef Jason Schofield has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years learning how to create some unique and inspiring menu items. Along the way, he has also become a restaurateur founding Schofield Restaurant Group LLC. He is in the process of bringing Maddey's Craft & Cru to Downtown Orlando. If you would like to see more on some of the food concepts for Maddey’s, you can click here.

In the interim, Chef Jason decided to make a pit stop and open up a boutique sandwich shop in the Ivanhoe District a/k/a The Ivanhood, on N. Orange Ave., in the old Alpine Coffee shop. This N That Eats is the name of his latest creation with a menu that features global sandwiches, cured meats and cheeses, as well as coffee made in the traditional sense of the region.

The menu here consist of:

Multiple organic salads such as kale salad, arugula salad and curried chicken salad. Sandwiches that are inspired from all around the world, like the Vietnamese Bánh mi, Cuban, Sanger and the Torta, all prepared in a unique style with a gourmet twist. Sides that include Shepherds bulgar, Hummus and Cucumber Avocado. Staying true to the global influence of of the love for food, an additional perk of This N That Eats, is the coffee and tea selections influenced from across the world.

The Cheese Dream is an outstanding interpretation of a grilled cheese that features: Vermont Cheddar, smoked tomato jam on rustic bread. You can also add bacon or pork confit for a minimal up-charge.

For a mouth watering sandwich I would recommend the Torta with Pork Confit, queso fresco, re-fried beans, avocado, Mexican creme, tomato and shredded lettuce on Semita roll.

Although there is a set menu, don’t be surprised if Chef Jason offers up specialty items from time to time like this Sous Vide Short Rib sandwich on a ciabatta roll. Sous Vide if you are not familiar, is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a water bath or in a temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times which produce perfect temperatures and juiciness for meats.

During my visit I sampled both the Espresso and this delicious Cafe con Leche. I consider myself as an aficionado of all things Cuban coffee and both of these drinks were outstanding!

If you happen to be or heading in the direction of The Ivanhood or just looking for some seriously good eats, you should definitely stop by and hang out in this cozy neighborhood spot.

This N That Eats is open from Monday - Thursday, 8am - 6pm, Friday & Saturday 8am - Midnight and Closed Sunday.

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