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Omakase with an American Kitchen Twist..

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As a chef who’s traveled the world and experimented with an array of unique cooking styles and exotic ingredients,Chef Venoy Rogers has a passion to incorporate new methods at American Kitchen that allow guests and locals to experience something new when visiting Orlando.

Now Chef Venoy is offering Omakase style tastings which Chef Venoy dubbed “Amerikase”(both for American Kitchen and American cuisine.)


/ˌōməˈkäsā,ōˈmäkəsā/ (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef... a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it up to you"

“One of the key differences of Amerikase from traditional Omakase is that instead of one bite courses (usually sushi,) we take an American approach and make it our own by doing 2-3 bite courses depending on the budget,” explains Chef Venoy.

“This is perfect for us because we are not technically a tasting or fine dining restaurant, but we have the culinary chops to produce some outstanding dinners in this format and its attracting locals. Being that it is Omakase style, I am able to use dishes from my menu and other ingredients that I may already have in the kitchen to allow for maximum profitability and all while promoting American Kitchen.”

Currently, American Kitchen is offering 6-8 courses at $100 per person, by word of mouth.

Below is an example of some recent Amerikase menu offerings.

Mexican Corn” with Butter poached Spiny Lobster, Brown Mole and Crispy Chicken Skin.

Koji Cured Local Wild Boar Belly Tortellini and Ramp Pasta, Umami Broth, Fairy Ring Mushrooms.

Dry Aged Certified Angus Beef ® Ribeye with Umami Hollandaise, Fermented Parsnip and Grilled Chanterelles.

New England Razor Clam “Chowder”.

Kampachi Crudo, Coconut Curry, Toasted Sesame, Shio Koji, Whiskey Barrel Aged Fish Sauce, Petite Lucky Shamrock Elder Flower.

Cured Tuna and Yuzu Compressed Watermelon Avocado mousse, Green Apple, Pickled micro daikon, furikake, House-made Kiwi Vinegar, Honeysuckle.

If you are interested in this style of dining, whether a date night, group event, or business meeting, Chef suggests reaching out directly to the restaurant’s General Manager at (407) 827-3080 and she will work closely with Chef Venoy to customize a menu that focuses on what’s in season but also cater to your palette.

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