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Holiday Cocktails at Bartaco

7600 Dr Phillips Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 801-8226
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Bartaco is introducing some fine holiday cocktails that are perfect for yuletide and New Years Eve imbibing.

These drink specials will be available from now until just after New Years Eve, and are certainly worth checking out.

Drinks are also a major focus of the restaurant, which has a stout tequila list of blancos, reposados, anejos and mezcals.

First up is the Mix & A-Mingle: A complex and warming house made sangria where Belinda bonarda red wine that perfectly blends with winter spices (cinnamon, star anise and cloves), ginger and agave. This is perfect for celebrating the upcoming National Sangria Day (12/20)!

Next is the Float Like a Dragonfly: A twist on the classic pisco sour, fruity pisco and smoky mezcal are complemented by sweet pineapple syrup, fresh egg whites (which create a rich and creamy texture) and a foamy cap. 

For you Mojito Lovers, there is the Mojito Tinto: A refreshing spin on both a mojito and Tinto de Verano, this cocktail brings together the house rum, winter spiced sangria, muddled mint, sugar and lime juice to uniquely combine the two classic cocktails. Guests will be enchanted as each sip starts sweet and spiced but finishes crisp and tart thanks to its layered “sunrise” style.

The Winter Caipirinha comes in a Bold pink color with the cachaça (Brazilian rum) that gives crisp sweetness, while its pomegranate counterpart provides fruity brightness and slight tartness.

With freshly squeezed juices, specialty cocktails and beer out of a bottle, Bartaco is reminiscent of a stylish beach resort with a great atmosphere made by woven basket light fixtures, and a wrap around bar that is front and center. It’s easy to forget where you are for the moment, and that's a great thing.

The food here is really good, and this is just another excuse for you to make your way to Bartaco to enjoy the great food and enjoy some holiday cocktails after your long and tedious days of shopping for the family and finding the perfect gift. After all your hard work, go ahead and reward yourself with one of these great cocktails.

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