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Orlando Restaurant Week is now Bite30

Orlando Restaurant Week has a new name...Bite30, and this year they have some great deals at some of the best restaurants in Orlando.

Orlando Restaurant Week/Bite30 is put on once a year by the folks at Orlando Weekly. It's a citywide celebration of culinary delights that takes place from June 1-30 where participating restaurants offer special prix fixe menus that offer multi-course lunches or dinners at a set price.

Diners get the opportunity to try multiple dishes on the restaurant’s menu for about the cost of a single entree, and restaurants get to showcase their specialty dishes to the new customers attracted by the ​Bite30 menu​!​

These great restaurants are offering you a great deal, delicious food and fantastic service so you can experience the best they have to offer. It’s a great way to try diverse dishes, multiple courses and many unique restaurants, all at a discount! Dine out as much as you can, and bring your friends! ​Bite30 is always best when experienced with ​great company!

All you have to do is choose a price point (lunches are $10-$15 and dinners are $15-$30), check out the restaurant menus listed under that price point​, choose ​your restaurant and GO EAT!

There’s no need for special cards or coupons​, ​just ask for the ​Bite30 menu.

Some of the $30 Dinners include a great selection of top notch places like:

Artisan’s Table, Carmel Café & Wine Bar, Citrus Restaurant, Cityfish, K Restaurant, Le Coq au Vin, Maxine’s on Shine, Park Plaza Gardens, Rangetsu, Santiago’s Bodega, Taverna Yamas, Txokos Basque Kitchen, The Strand, Paxia Modern Mexican Restaurant.

For a complete listing and to see all available menu offerings go to

Reservations are suggested at $30 restaurants.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly going to hit up a few of those fine establishments.

(Information Courtesy of Orlando Weekly)

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