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Smoked Wings Recipe from 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Its almost time for the Super Bowl….and that means its time for all kinds of great food recipes, especially food that is snack sized. So I have a special wing recipe from John Rivers of 4 Rivers Smokehouse.

I personally love wings in just abut any flavor and cooked any way... fried, baked, or smoked. For the grill enthusiasts, John Rivers recipe is for Smoked Chicken Wings from his cookbook, The Southern Cowboy. Wing packages are also available all 4 Rivers locations

4 Rivers Smokehouse Smoked Chicken Wings 


¼ cup sugar

½ cup chili powder

½ cup 4R All-Purpose Rub

24 whole chicken wings, cut into drumette and wingette pieces

1 cup BBQ Sauce

½ cup ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping


1. Light a smoker using hickory wood and allow temperature to settle at 305˚F.

2. Combine sugar, chili powder, and 4R All-Purpose Rub in a large bowl. Sprinkle over wings to thoroughly coat.

3. Smoke at 305˚F for 45 minutes.

4. Just before serving, light a gas grill and heat to medium high.

5. Toss wings in BBQ sauce and “flash” on grill to allow sauce to caramelize, 3 minutes on each side. Flip only once.

6. Serve hot with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce.

Makes 2 dozen wings 

"The biggest difference between these wings and traditional fried wings is that the smoke and the rub drive the flavor, rather than depending on the sauce for flavor. In addition to producing a plumper and moister wing, this method is better for you. I consider this our healthy alternative at the smokehouse"…John Rivers.


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