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Dixie Crossroads

1475 Garden St. 
Titusville, FL 32796
(321) 268-5000

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If you ever venture a little past Orlando, to the town of Titusville, you will find of Florida's more popular seafood establishments known as Dixie Crossroads.

They have been in business for over 28 years with quite a reputation for two things....

#1. Rock Shrimp
#2. Corn Fritters

Of course you can get a variety of other seafood dishes as well as steaks, prime rib, chicken, and fresh salads. The menu features local shrimp and fish from Port Canaveral and ranges from sandwiches and fried baskets to  big seafood combos.

Dixie Crossroads is a very family oriented restaurant with some of that down home southern hospitality that is great for a big family dinner or just a quick bite.

Their claim to fame is The Rock Shrimp:

This shrimp-family member resembles a miniature lobster and is wild-caught. The name comes from the thick, rock-hard shells that can be difficult to remove by hand. Today the shrimp shells (and heads) are removed by machines, the advent of which greatly increased the popularity of rock shrimp. The texture of rock shrimp is firm and slightly chewy, the flavor is sweet and similar to that of lobster.

You can get them fried, broiled, or steamed by the dozen, up to four dozen, and if four dozen is not enough, they even have an all you can eat option.

Inside, there is plenty of room for large parties and family get togethers with plenty of tables and extra long booths.

Most meals or combos come with two sides.

The Clam Chowder is always a good option.

I ordered the cheese grits as one of my sides. They were pretty good with a nice thickness and good flavor.

The hand breaded coconut shrimp are always a good choice. Big juicy shrimp with a nice flaky coconut batter.

Although not necessarily sea food, the catfish is very fresh and has a very mild flavor.

A combo of fried Cod and fried Rock Shrimp that will satisfy your craving for more than just shrimp.

Tastes of Orlando really likes Dixie Crossroads. It is always a good family meeting spot and a great place to get some fresh Florida seafood. We have been going there for many years, and have always had a wonderful experience.

Be careful not to fill up on the Corn Fritters and save plenty of room for the Rock ever much you can eat!

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7913 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway 
Kissimmee, FL 34747
(407) 787-3545

Say hello to Chuy's!

Chuys is Central Florida's newest Tex-Mexery chain with its origins in Austin Texas.

Chuy's calls itself is a true Tex Mex restaurant  that really relishes in the idea of blending foods from the different regions of Texas and the border towns of Mexico. They pride themselves on the borrowing and blending of recipes and sauces from all the farmers and friends they have from the various regions that make up Tex Mex food. They also pride themselves on the blending and borrowing of lots of Hub-Caps from all over the world as well.....(but more on that later)

The menu here is not overly complex, (once you get past the fact that a lot of dishes have Elvis in the name)..It's standard Tex Mex fare...Nachos, Combo Platters, Big as Yo Face Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas, and Fajitas.  All beer comes in bottles draught. The house specialty is of course Margaritas, made with fresh squeezed lime juice and they have a Martini made with Jalapeño stuffed olives.

What you can expect from Chuy's, aside from good food, is a wacky and very tacky Tex-Mex restaurant, that is a mixture of shrines to Elvis and carved wooden dogs, and lots of hubcaps, that can be disorienting at first.

Inside, the bar is eloquently decorated with lots of dog pictures and purposely mismatched tiles.

The bar has plenty of seating in its own  dining area, and at the actual bar too.

They even have part of a classic Cadillac, that has a trunk filled with chips and salsa that you can help yourself to.

Upon entering the dining room you will see the Tortilleria. Chuy's hand rolls all their own tortillas. 

The dining rooms are very fun to look at admire. We sat under the tin roof of glistening hubcaps.  The section we sat in was covered with cars, car repair diagrams, and lots and lots of hubcaps.

The other dining area had somewhat of a palm trees and coconuts theme.  Each area at Chuy's has a different theme, although mismatched chairs and tables, along with mismatched tiles are standard fare.

If you prefer something not so eye popping, you can sit outside. They have a nice covered outdoor dining area that is pretty modest compared to the rest of the restaurant.

Like all Tex-Mexery's, 
Chuy's starts you off with complimentary chips and salsa.

The salsa was good, but a bit watery.

What made everything better was a house made Jalapeño Ranch Dip. It is good on top of everything they have, and is addictive.

For something a little different, we sampled a  frozen Mango Swirl Margarita. It was very tasty and  so sweet,  it almost hid the fact that it contained alcohol.

We started our meal with the Special Nachos

These were house made tostada chips layered with refried beans, cheese & jalapeños with lettuce & tomato.
Special Nachos get a scoop of Guacamole and Pico de GalloThe tostada chips made for a great nacho topping holder. Very firm and crisp. We really liked the Nachos.

For my entree, I had the #6 combo-Enchilada, Taco & Chalupa 
You get a Cheese Tex-Mex enchilada, seasoned ground sirloin crispy taco & Chicken Chalupa served on a homemade corn tortilla fried and topped with refried beans, cheese, freshly-roasted hand pulled chicken and lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeños.

The enchilada was very good with a spicy red sauce, the taco was just O.K, and the Chalupa  could have been better. The chicken at Chuy's is very good and moist. They roast chicken all day long and hand pull it, so it is very tender. Aside from the enchilada, my dish was not all that spectacular.

My wife had the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Enchiladas.

This was a spectacular dish!

It is made with the freshly-roasted, hand-pulled chicken & cheese with Boom-Boom sauce, made with cheese, roasted New Mexican green chiles, tomatillos, green onions, cilantro and lime juice.

The Boom Boom sauce was awesome! And the chicken inside was moist and tender.

I would recommend this dish above all else. A great presentation of savory, gooey cheese sauce and chicken wrapped in a home made tortilla cooked to perfection. 

Since we had no room left for desert, we took some Flan home with us. It was very good and just the right thickness, not too smushy like some flan can be. 

The caramel sauce had the perfect slightly burnt flavor to counteract the sweetness. 

Although there is a sign stating Tamales Nopales, we did not see any on the menu.

Tamales Nopales are tamales made with the skin of the prickly pear cactus.

That would have been interesting to try!

Overall, we had a great time at Chuy's. The atmosphere and decor are worth the trip alone. I say worth the trip because, Chuy's is quite a drive. Its past the last Disney exit for Hollywood Studios, and then some, in a new strip of restaurants that seem to be the last stop before miles of nothing. It is in the last artery of the heart of tourist town in Kissimmee. Apparently they have plans for another location on International Drive.

Our server Mimi was great. Very attentive and very informative. The food overall is good, but not great (aside from the Boom Boom Sauce). Better Tex Mex can be had closer to Orlando, but I doubt it will be as entertaining and awe inspiring as Chuy's and their Hubcaps!

Tastes Of Orlando recommends you check them out!

Chuy's is open from 11:00 am until 10:30 pm

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Harry Buffalo

Harry Buffalo

129 West Church Street 
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 422-6656

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If you have ever had the chance to visit Mojo Bar and Grill on Church Street, you will be familiar with the location of this new joint venture that is now known as Harry Buffalo.

Mojo opened in 2010, taking a prominent space in the old Rosie O'Grady's just as the new Amway Center was opening. 

Back in October 2012, Mojo, a Cajun inspired restaurant shut down after a relatively short run, and was transformed into Harry Buffalo. Apparently the owners did not think the whole Cajun thing was working out in downtown.

The owners of Mojo have now partnered up in a joint venture with Kevin O'Donnell, who with several partners owns the Harry Buffalo restaurant chain that is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. You may also recognize Kevin O'Donnel as the owner of Frank & Steins Eatery and Pub.

The menu overall consists of burgers with Beef, Chicken, and Bison, along with a variety of sandwiches. They have pizza's, nachos, tacos, and a small seafood offering as well. 

Of course a restaurant with Buffalo in its name also has a selection of Buffalo wings and a variety of sauces with a decent selection of drinks and craft beers to wash it all down with.

Harry Buffalo serves a sports-bar fare, with plenty of TV's blazing. It certainly fits in more on Church Street near the Amway arena and it really fits the overall night life of the Downtown scene.

Along with the sports theme there is also a nightlife/bar theme that has a big open dance floor like Rosie O' Gradys use to have for some fun weekend nights, or to get lose after a Magic game.

I went with two guests and we had a sampling of the menu. My overall impression of the food was so so. Most of the dishes were bland and lacked flavor, but were heavy on the bread.

For starters we had the Loaded Pita Nachos.

You are supposed to get fried pita chips topped with cream cheese sauce, melted cheeses, tomatoes, banana peppers & green onions for $7.99

You could add Chicken for $1.99 and Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket for an extra $2.99

Sadly we had no cream cheese sauce and about 3 pieces of a sliced tomato with around 6 banana pepper rings and a pile of melted cheese in the middle.

This appetizer would have been good if it were served properly, but it was just a pile of fried pitas with some dry melted cheese and no sauce. This hardly qualifies for nachos in my opinion.

I love some good Bison meat, so I got the Shroomin Bacon Cheddar Burger with Bison meat.

Once again, I felt robbed of ingredients. I have had plenty of Bison burgers, and know good and darn well, that it should be a well formed patty like a beef burger is. 

My burger had about 5 nuggets of Buffalo meat balls covered in cheese and smothered in pretzel bread with hardly any bacon.

The burger itself was bland and was a mess to eat. I like a  good messy burger, but when you pay an extra $2.99 for Bison and the meat is falling out of the burger in chunks, leaving you to have large bites of pretzel bread,........lets just say... I was disappointed.

One of my guests had the Buffalo Chicken Pot Belly Melt.

It consisted of a thin breast of chicken deep fried and covered in Buffalo sauce, stuffed with french fries, coleslaw and tomatoes with some mozzarella cheese and served atop thick sliced Italian bread.

This sandwich was OK. It had some weird flavor of horseradish, or something we could not figure out. The bread was so thick, it really took away from trying to get an adequate taste of anything.

My other guest had the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese sandwich.

It was an interesting idea for a sandwich... 

Fried Buffalo chicken topped with Mac & Cheese and Cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese served over the infamous thick Italian bread.

This sandwich was pretty bland. Harry Buffalo does make a good Mac & Cheese, and adding it to a Buffalo sauce covered fried chicken breast makes for a great flavor and texture combination, its too bad it was dull and flavorless. 

We went on a Friday night while the NCAA tournament was on and the place was loud and crowded with plenty of Basketball fans with their Beers. Our server did a pretty decent job overall, as all of our dishes came out in a timely fashion.

Harry Buffalo should do a much more brisk business then the former MOJO did, but I  don't think it will be the food luring in guests and Magic fans after a game.

Its a fun place and a cool atmosphere for a sports pub, but the food has room for improvement.  Tastes Of Orlando likes a good Buffalo Burger, so perhaps I will go back sometime in the future to see if they get it right before I scratch them off of my list.

Harry Buffalo is open from 11:00am until 2:00 am

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