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Nagoya Sushi

Restaurant Row
7600 Doctor Phillips Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 248-8558
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With the increasing popularity of sushi around the world, it is no surprise that Orlando is home to quite a few really good sushi restaurants. There is a large variety with many different styles. Some establishments are more traditional, and others are more non traditional with many variations as to the way the sushi is prepared

One of Orlando's better sushi finds is tucked away in the back of the Dr. Phillips plaza on Orlando's famous restaurant row. I say finds, because you will have to locate Nagoya. It is in  the back of an upscale plaza that is home to quite a few other notable restaurants like Morton's and Christini's.

What separates Nagoya from the rest of the pack is, in my opinion the freshness of the fish they use and the authenticity of the types and forms of sushi they offer.

The history of sushi is very long, and is constantly evolving through time. Most places cater to a more western palate with such items like the California roll and the Mexican roll and a wide variety of popular rolls. The California roll was the perfect introductory sushi for people unfamiliar to raw fish, but can hardly be labeled as traditional sushi.

As more westerners started to eat raw fish, many adaptations were made to the Edo or traditional style sushi to adapt with western culture. Many people also became more open to the idea of traditional style sushi.

While Nagoya certainly offers the basic western experience, they also offer something for the more adventurous and refined sushi palate.

Though we use the word "sushi" to refer to almost everything you may order at the sushi bar, the whole cuisine of fish, rice and otherwise, the word "sushi" actually refers to only the sweet, vinegared rice.

Most Americans think of Maki Sushi – Makizushi  when they think about sushi in general.  Maki is the most common form of sushi in the United States – the sushi roll. It includes vinegar rice and other ingredients like fish, cucumber or avocado, tightly rolled in nori – dried seaweed. Popular fillings include salmon, eel, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp and octopus.

Types of maki sushi include the following:

Futomaki – This is the thick, fat roll of sushi that is usually cut into seven or eight pieces.

Hosomaki – This is a thin sushi roll that usually contains only one type of filling.

Uramaki – This is a sushi roll where the fillings wrapped with nori are on the inside and the rice is on the outside surrounding the nori.

Temaki – Also known as a “hand roll,” this is a cone-shaped sushi roll wrapped in nori, where one end is sealed off with the seaweed and the other end is loose with the ingredients spilling out.

Nigiri Sushi – Nigirizushi is an oblong shape of vinegar rice, often formed in the hands with a bit of wasabi, topped with a slice of raw or cooked fish or vegetables. Popular toppings include salmon, tuna, squid or eel. When it is served with loose or slippery toppings like fish roe, a strip of nori is wrapped around the nigiri and it is called “gunkan.”

Another type of poplar sushi is Sashimi, which is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces.

There is seating for about ten at the actual sushi bar. If you feel comfortable to sit there, you should. Its always the best seat in the house to watch your "Itamae" or sushi chef masterfully prepare your sushi.

If sitting at the bar is not your thing, you can sit a booth or a table. Nagoya is on the smaller side, and usually requires reservations if you go on the weekend after 6:00pm.

Goma wakame, also known as Seaweed Salad, is always a popular side dish at most sushi restaurants.  Translated, it means "sesame seaweed", as sesame seeds along with soy sauce and rice vinegar are the main ingredients.

The Seaweed Salad at Nagoya is very tender, yet it retains a certain snap when chewing it. The flavor is good too. Not overly sweet or sour with a perfect crunch.

If you enjoy raw fish, or Sashimi, it is best to eat it it first. By eating the sashimi first, it will allow you to enjoy the full flavor and texture of the fish before any other substances dilute your taste buds.

The Sashimi at Nagoya is some of the best I have had. The Tuna and Smoked Salmon are as fresh as you can get and the favor is excellent. The "Unagi" or eel was smothered in a delicious teriyaki sauce and was excellent.

For our Maki selection we opted to go with a few western style rolls. We started with the Volcano Roll and and a Mexican Bubble Roll.

The Volcano consisted of Spicy Tuna,  tempura flakes, and a variety of sauces that were hot and sweet. The Mexican Roll is made with Tempura Shrimp, cream cheese, avocado and a slightly spicy sauce. Both rolls were very good and flavorful and did not even need to be dipped in soy sauce.

Our favorite roll was the Spicy Spider Roll. 

Usually a spider roll is tempura crab only, but Nagoya adds spicy tuna to the roll along with masago, miso sauce, and a teriyaki glaze. This roll was spectacular.

It had everything you want in a roll...taste, texture, crunch, spice and sweetness.

Just for fun we ordered two Temaki rolls with tuna. 

Temaki is prtetty much a Japanese taco that you eat with your hands.

Most temaki is rolled in Nori-- a dried seaweed paper. Ours came with Mame-Nori--a soybean based rolling paper. 

Mame-Nori is unique from traditional nori in that it is soft and more pliable than regular nori paper and is not chewy and crunchy. 

Once again....the freshness of the tuna at Nagoya does not disappoint. It is really hard to find good sushi that has a really fresh flavor. Many places do a good job, but the fish at Nagoya always seems to be fresh and never has that ocean fishy flavor. Our temaki was good and messy----just like a good taco!

And although its totally a western thing...we could not pass up the Tempura Cheese Cake! Simple bits of cheese cake rolled in tempura batter, deep fried, and drizzled with chocolate

If you are a sushi expert, or if you are a beginner curious about trying more, Tastes Of Orlando recommends you give Nagoya sushi a try. 

We have been to quite a few places, but we always come back to Nagoya and they win us over every time. Whether you want a western style experience or if you want some  authentic tastes of Japan Nagoya is a great find!

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Cuban Sandwiches On The Run

2956 South US Highway 17-92
Casselberry, FL 32707
(407) 339-2272

(Hours)10:00 am to 9:00pm

Cuban Sandwiches On The Run has always been one of my favorite stops for lunch, or on occasion a quick and good dinner. Evey time I go there the staff is always extra friendly and attentive.

One of the things I really enjoy about this sandwich shop is the variety of Cuban sandwiches you can choose from.

Most sandwiches are available in seven or nine inches......depending on your appetite.

Of course there is the "Original Cuban" that contains the usual...Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, Mustard and Pickles.

There is the Midnight Cuban---that is the same as a regular Cuban but is served on Sweet Bread. 

My personal favorite is the Hawaiian Cuban, which is just a Cuban with Pineapples on it.

They also have something called "The Elena Ruth" which is a sandwich with Cream Cheese, Guava, Turkey Breast or Ham.

You can also try something called a Tripleta.... that contains three types of meats - Ham, Turkey, and Steak with onions and mayonnaise with Swiss Cheese. 

Or if you want can even get a spicy fried chicken sandwich. 

Inside and outside of the restaurant is nothing fancy, but more than accommodating with plenty of seating.

If you are looking for something more than a sandwich, Cuban Sandwiches On The Run has quite an offering of hot foods available as well.

You can grab some dishes like Picadillo, Roast Pork, Chicken Fricasee, and Beef Stew along with black beans and rice and sweet plantains.

They have great side dishes to grab while you are there too. Tostones with Mojo dipping sauce are always a favorite. 

My delicious Hawaiian Cuban....

If you find yourself in the Casselberry area and want some good Cuban food, or some really good Cuban Coffee, make sure you stop by and catch a few Cubans On The Run

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