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Alex's Cuban Cafe

(407) 388-9720
941 South US Highway 17-92

11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday
11 am. to 10:00 pm Friday-Saturday

Some years ago I used to work in Longwood. One of my favorite stops for a good bite to eat at a great price was Alex's Cuban Cafe.

Since I was out and about in the area around lunchtime on a Thursday, I thought I would swing by and see how they are doing.

Alex's is sort of a spin off of the original Rolando's Cuban cafe that was owned by Rolondo Vieitez. Rolondo use to own Numero Uno Cuban and Rolondos but sold the two establishments he owned and retired. 

Shortly there after his grandson, Alexander Doninguez opened Alex's Cuban Cafe in Longwood. Alex has done a good job of keeping the tradition of quality and tasty Cuban food alive, but with a much smaller menu.

Alex's is just a small storefront and you may pass it buy if you don't look carefully. Its nestled in between a mattress store and a second hand furniture store---but trust me---it's worth finding.

The overall menu is the same as I remembered it. Small and not overwhelming. Its got everything you want at great prices.

Some of the more common things you will find here consist of: Papa Rellena, Tostones, Croquetts, Stuffed Yuca and of course Cuban Sandwiches.

They also have some good meal platters like: Roast Chicken, Steak with onions, Ropa Vieja and Stewed Pork

For my lunch, I had the Roast Chicken Platter.  A whole chicken breast, yellow rice, plantains, black beans, and Cuban bread all for $6.95.

 It was just as good and tasty as I remembered, and quite filling.

A value meal from any fast food burger joint cost about as much as this meal would these days.

It's good to know that Alex's is still in the business of providing quality food at exceptional prices.  

They also have great Flan and Cafe Cubano, or Cafe con Leche.

Tastes Of Orlando recommends you give them a try and support a local business with great food, friendly service, and even better prices.

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