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Alfonso's Pizza

(407) 816-1743
 4718 South Orange Ave.
Orlando,FL 32806

The "Original" Alfonso's is back in business.

For those of you unfamiliar with Alfonso's, they use to be located in the College Park neighborhood. It was quite the spot for great pies and good times with friends.They also had quite the recognition as one of the best pizza places in Central Florida as well. 

A few years ago owner Rich Alfonso decided to sell his business and a place called Ragazzi'ss appeared in its place.

The guy who use to work at Alfonso's now owns Ragazzi's. They have a decent pie too, so I'm told.

Anyways.. long story short, Rich Alfonso has decided to reopen the pizza and sportsbar named after himself.

The location on south Orange Avenue use to be a Blackwater BBQ location. 

Aside from some flat screen TVs and a few neon signs inside, the decor is not much different from Blackwater BBQ.

Alfonso's has kept the original picnic tables and the tin coverings on the bar as well in the kitchen area.

I like the picnic tables as it gives for a more open atmosphere. There are a few tables outside as well. (note-smoking is permitted outside)

 As always, Alfonso's is a great spot to go to after work on a Friday night and have a few cold beers.

They don't have a large selection here, but you will find all the basic beer selections along with a full service bar.

Alfonso's is known for Pizza, but they have a few other things that are pretty good.

There is a decent sandwich and wrap section on the menu along with Italian pasta dishes and the famous "Garlic Knots".

Before we got our pie, we tried an order of the kickin hot wings. They were fried perfectly and actually were tasty as well as being very hot.

The pizza we had was very good. It came with ample toppings and was cooked very well.

I will say the crust could have been a bit more cracker like, but overall it was not too thick, and not too thin.

We certainly enjoyed our Friday night at Alfonso's. The servers were very friendly and they had a pretty good crowd. Most of the patrons that night were talking about the old Alfonso's and were happy they were back in business.

Good food, great times and a fun atmosphere just like the old Alfonso's.

Tastes of Orlando recommends you give them a try!

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PR's Taco Palace

499 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 645-2225

PR's Taco Palace is is a straight up dive bar/restaurant  that looks like its ripe for a visit from Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives....and that's just fine with them.

Being located on "The Other Side" of ritzy Winter Park, Its also the kind of place you may have passed by quite a few times. After an invite from some friends, we decided to go in and check it out.

The building started life out as an actual auto service garage and has been converted to what is now PR's Taco Palace. During the cooler months or at night---those big windows you see up front actually open all the way....just like a garage door.

Upon arrival you will find there is barely any parking in front of the restaurant, and that you must parallel park on a side street next to the railroad tracks.

The entrance to PR's is scribbled up with many years of autographs and drawings from random individuals, but not to worry....So is the inside.

That's part of the attraction of being a dive.

It gives a feel of nostalgia and ambiance that creates a care free attitude.

That's certainly a good thing for a place that sells lots of Tequila!

The menu here consitss of mostly Tex-Mex and some plain old American creations. You can get Tacos, Burritos, Fajitas and the like. Also available are items like Hot Wings, Egg rolls, Jalapeno Poppers, Burgers and Salads.

Of course they are also famous for their Margaritas and Train Stop Shots----yes---Train Stop Shots..(When the train runs by at blazing speeds shaking the entire establishment---a loud bell rings and shots of Tequila are offered at $1.75)

Your first order of Salsa and Chips is on the house. If you require more it will cost you $1.00

The salsa is decent, but not worth a second order for a $1.00

Believe it or not.....The Wings were some of the best I have had in Orlando. Perfectly crisp and the right amount of hot.

 I decided to order the Beef Chimichanga, since everyone else at the table got the house special known as a Fundito.

This Chimi was cooked well...but the sauce was flavorless like it was poured out of a can.

The meat was also just bland and needed a bucket of salt or something to help it. Also missing was the cheese inside??

Fundido...I think is Spanish for "Melted"
That's a pretty good term to describe this belly buster of a creation.

Its a flour tortilla filled with your choice of shredded chicken, shredded beef or blackened chicken or shrimp and cream cheese fried to golden brown, topped with chili con queso. Served with rice.

That's right....its filled with Cream Cheese and meat---deep fried and covered with Queso!---

You will need some Margaritas to wash this bad boy down and you should keep your cell phone handy with 911 pre-dialed.....just in case you suffer a heart attack.

All jokes aside---its pretty darn good. It is really heavy though and no one at our table could eat more than a half.

At the end of our visit...Tastes Of Orlando came away with a few impressions of PR's taco Palace.

#1. This is a great dive bar and fun atmosphere for a night out with friends.

#2. The food is really hit and miss....some of it is really good and some of it...not so good. I will pass on the Chimichanga. The wings were excellent. At a "Taco Palace"--We recommend the Hot Wings!

#3. We found it very cheap and insulting to be hit with a hefty $1.75 charge for a topping of sour cream and an additional $1.75 for a topping of Guacamole. I understand the need to cut down on cost in this economy....however, I have never paid for something like sour cream that is almost included in all standard Tex Mex fare. I don't mind paying for extra...but I do mind it being slapped on our bill at the end.

Tastes Of Orlando recommends PR's for a night out with friends, but be careful with the menu.....and "Don't drink the water"---(Its what the sign says)

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