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4520 W Sr-46
Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 322-6543

Sun Valley is the new Chineese Buffet/Mongolian BBQ that has recently occupied the old Bennigans building on SR.46 in Sanford.

After hearing all the rants and raves from friends and family alike,  I decided the wife and I would make a trip from Orlando to Sanford to find out about this all new grand Chinese buffet. After all, who doesn't like a good Chinese buffet-- as they are hard to come by these days and with so many of them having terrible food quality...we had to check it out!!

First let me say this...The service was good and the sweet tea was great. ...but our feel good story pretty much ends there.

The food overall was a grade C- ... sub-par for human consumption.

Most of the food wasn't even lukewarm, let alone hot. The food was not very good at all. It ranged from salty to just plain weird.

Most of the traditonal Chineese food just did not taste right at all...almost as if they were trying new recipes for traditional foods. The soups were good as was the fried won tons and eggrolls, but I think those are pre-packaged foods that are pretty hard to mess up.

 As I stated already, the food was not tempered correctly. Most of the food was lukewarm....even the ice cream was half melted and when you are eating buffet food...YOU SHOULD BE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS!!

I had high hopes for a good Mongolian BBQ, but even the Mongolian BBQ was oily and did not taste right. The food was just bathed in an oil slick and the flavor aside from being really hot, lacked any real flavor at all.

Now the Chinese food tasted weird, did the American section of the buffet fail miserably...that was some the worst tasting and over salted food I have ever had!! Beware of the MEATBALLS!!!---They are like large Salt Bombs that explode in your mouth!! Other items like collard greens, chicken nuggets, spinach and mashed potatoes did  not look very good either.

At $6.99 for lunch the price seemed reasonable at first glance, but  @ $12.95 + drinks pp for dinner is a bit steep for a below average Chinese buffet.

Unfortunately Sun Valley will just be another buffet in the glut of Central Florida Chinese Buffets offering strange food at an even stranger price. It's a shame really, because the place is very nice!

The Verdict....
 Sun valley is a nice place...but has not so nice food.......

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