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Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille

200 Boatyard Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL 
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As an Orlando local, I don’t get out to the east coast often enough, So I was excited to try a new spot in New Smyrna Beach. 
Outriggers Tiki Bar and Grille is a new casual but slightly upscale eatery in New Smyrna Beach that is part of a brand new multipurpose marina.
It’s really an all in one spot that has everything from boat parking to boat rentals and they also have fishing and supplies store. You can even clean your fish at the upscale cleaning station…and then bring your catch in to Outriggers and they will cook it for you.
Outriggers seeks to be more than just another casual fried fish eatery, and more than just a bar. Afterall…New Smyrna Beach has plenty of biker bars. The food here has flair and style. Sure you can get your basic fried fish, but Outriggers is really aiming to take their food up a few notches in area that is pretty devoid of gourmet offerings.
The menu is full of great eats served in traditional and not so traditional styles. You can get a traditional fried calamari, or you can opt for sprouts with candied bacon for a starter. For main courses there is plenty of fish available served in a variety of ways along with hamburgers and other sandwich offerings, but if you kick it up a notch you may want to order the Fish and Waffle or the Fish and Grit Cakes.

They take drinks pretty seriously here as well. Having Tiki Bar in the name  may be off-putting to some people, but when you understand what a Tiki Bar is…it makes sense.
According to Wikipedia..
”A Tiki Bar is an exotic–themed drinking establishment that serves elaborate cocktails, especially rum-based mixed drinks such as the "Mai Tai" or "Zombie cocktail".  

Outriggers may not be themed after a traditional Polynesian Tiki Bar, but the alcoholic  beverages certainly are. The Mai Tai here is as close to the original Trader Vic's recipe as I have had.

For Starters we had the Sprouts with Candied Bacon. These sprouts are lightly fried and tossed with candied bacon and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

This is a must have. Simply addictive and delicious. 

Our Second "Teaser" as they call it at Outriggers was the Fried Green Tomato Stack.

These fried green tomatoes come coated in a cornbread batter and are topped with goat cheese and a combination of remoulade and balsamic vinegar.

I must say that I have never had green tomatoes fried in a cornbread batter, but it was good and different at the same time. 

We also got to sample the Tiki TacosOne with Blackened Fish and the other with Bangin Shrimp. Both tacos were good, but I really enjoyed the Bangin Shrimp with sweet and spicy sauce.

The Fish 'N' Grit Cakes come with your choice of fresh fish...grilled or blackened that is  served  with a lightly fried grit cake.

My dining companion chose the Golden Tile Fish, which has a delicate sweet flavor. 

The fish was seasoned nicely and went perfectly with the grit cakes that are drizzled with a beer cheese sauce. This dish altogether was a phenomenal explosion of flavors. 

Being the southerner that I am…I could not say no to the Fish 'N' Waffle.

For the Fish, I chose the Trigger Fish that was fried to a nice golden brown and served atop a Belgian style bacon waffle. The fish came topped with sliced peppers and a side of Maple and Sriracha infused syrup. 

When you put a delicately fried fish on top of a bacon waffle and dip it into Maple and Sriracha syrup…well you can guess that it tasted pretty awesome.

We capped our evening off with a delectable Almond and Thyme infused Mediterranean Cheesecake.

It was a perfect portion and the almond flavor in the cheesecake served as a nice palate cleanser.

We really enjoyed our time at Outriggers and look forward to returning soon. They are a great addition to New Smyrna Beach with food that is just as good as the view.

I can definitely see a fishing trip in my future, and you can bet I will stop by Outriggers to rest and relax and tell fishing stories all while sipping on a Mai Tai.

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