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Hawkers Asian Street Fare

1103 N Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 237-0606

Hawkers Asian Street Fare has been doing a pretty good job of bringing the flavor and excitement of Asian Hawker cuisine to Orlando.

Hawker cuisine, in case you are wondering, is the mixed cuisine of the multicultural societies of Malaysia and Singapore that includes a variety of offerings from Malay food to Thai, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese food. 

In Malaysia, food is often sold at roadside stalls found on almost every street, and is known as "hawker food". In Singapore, food is located in a hawker center and is set up more like a modern day food court with the food being sold inside, or at an open air complex as opposed to a road side stall. 

Because hawker food is available just about anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore, and its very affordable,  it has become a very popular cuisine in south east Asia, but its popularity has been on a steady rise all across the globe.

Since 2011, Hawkers has been serving up delectable food at very affordable prices right here in Orlando. Most of the dishes they offer are in small plate fashion, but they also have larger portions of stir fry. Everything is made to share and does not come out in a systematic order, which kind of adds to the fun of eating there.  

The Roti Canai is some of the best I have had, and is highly addictive.  This is a Malaysian flat bread served with a side of some pretty awesome spicy curry dipping sauce.

We ordered the Potstickers steamed. These Chinese chicken dumplings are handmade and were delicious.

The Grilled Wings with Honey Sriracha sauce was a spectacular flavor combination of hot and sweet. 

You can order them as a five piece plate, or a ten piece. 

From the Stir-Fry menu, we ordered the Beef Haw FunThis is a mixture of Chinese stir-fried wide rice noodles, sliced steak, scallions, onions and bean sprouts tossed in soy sauce that was quite tasty.

Another dish we had from the Stir-Fry menu was the Stir Fry Udon which consists of Stir-fried udon noodles with chicken, eggs, onions, scallions, carrots and bean sprouts. 

This was a great combination of  flavors and textures with a touch of heat.

The inside has a very modern feel, but remains sparse and subtly decorated. All tables are laminated with old Asian newspapers.

Parking can be a little scarce, but Hawkers is certainly worth a visit. We really enjoyed all of the food we ate there, and we have not even sampled a quarter of the menu yet. 

That's what makes it fun. You can go and sample five, six, seven dishes, and then go another time and sample all new ones without breaking the bank.

Singaporean literature declares eating as a national pastime and food, a national obsession. I can tell you that I am officially obsessed with Hawkers Roti Canai, and will definitely be returning soon.

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