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Chevys Fresh Mex

12547 State Rd 535
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

(407) 827-1052
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As far as chain restaurants go, Chevys was on the short list of Tex-Mexery's I would frequent. I have found it to be a fun place to bring family and friends, especially if they are staying near Disney.

For whatever reason, I had not actually been to Chevys in over a year. Maybe it was because of other new and unique Tex-Mexery's  that opened up during 2013, or maybe I lost track with all the comings and goings of restaurants in Central Florida...its hard to keep up sometimes.

So…I can tell you that I was genuinely surprised when I walked through the doors of Chevys only Central Florida location.

Apparently while I was out, they closed for over two months, gutted the interior and gave the menu a do over.  

Yes, they still have really good chips and salsa, but they no longer have "El Machino" as the focus point of the restaurant. "El Machino" a/k/a the Tortilla Maker, is still alive and well, but he has taken a back seat, behind the scenes approach to the all new re-envisioned Chevys Fresh Mex.

The interior now has a modern yet rustic feel. Hand blown glass chandeliers and special light fixtures have been imported from Mexico, along with artwork adorning the walls that was designed specifically for Chevys Lake Buena Vista location.

Replacing "El Machino" is an expanded bar section that pretty much runs from the entrance to the back of the restaurant. Of course they did add the obligatory flat screens, but not so much that it takes away from your dining experience.

Speaking of the bar, there have been several additions to the drink menu and some reworks to the old classics.

In keeping up with current trends in the bar scene, Chevys has added drinks that are freshly blended with creative ingredients that not only make you feel good, but are flavorful and refreshing.

The Mexicali Mojito is blended with Rum, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Mint, Fresh Lime and a splash of Fresca. This was a delightful adult beverage, that gives a modern twist to an old classic drink like the Mojito.

Our favorite drink we sampled was the Cucumber Paradiso. 

Absolut Cilantro Lime Vodka with a sweet and sour mix gets blended with a fresh cucumber and cilantro fusion and topped with black sea salt. This was a drink that was as flavorful and tasty, as it was refreshing. 

The cucumbers, covered in the sea salt and floating in vodka, could be an appetizer all by itself!

A Dos Patrones Margarita is made with Patron Silver, Patron Citronge, Agave Nectar, Orange Juice and Sweet and Sour.

This was a very enjoyable margarita drink with an extra kick of Patron and fresh squeezed orange juice that brings new life to a another classic drink.

The menu has plenty of options for Margaritas, Beers, and even Wine if you prefer, but Chevy's offers a variety of drinks and cocktails that should satisfy every taste craving.

If you want some heat in your drink…they even have a cocktail that has muddled jalapeño.

If you like Guac…Get the Table-side Guacamole at Chevys. This stuff is

Our server, Arturo, did a great job of preparing our dip and asked us exactly what we wanted mixed in, and how spicy we wanted our guacamole dip to be.

I love fresh Guacamole! It's even better with fresh lime, onions, tomatoes and jalapeños. This makes enough to serve at least four people so, we had to force ourselves to stop eating it out of fear that we may have no room left for dinner.

My guest had the Baja Sampler.

It's a dish that includes a pan seared fish taco, a shrimp and blue crab enchilada and two jalapeño bacon wrapped shrimp, all served with Baja white rice and a side of jalapeño jelly. 

The jalapeño bacon wrapped shrimp were really good...and really hot, but the jalapeño dip added a bit touch of sweetness to calm some of the heat.

I was very surprised at the taste of the enchilada. Using a combo of shrimp and blue crab can lead to something tasting a little too fishy, but this was done very well and was quite good. The fish tacos had a tantalizing flavor with the grilled pineapple salsa and the chipotle aioli. Overall my guest really enjoyed this dish.   

I opted for the Mesquite Grilled Carne Asada and Chile Relleno.  citrus marinated skirt steak with a fire roasted chile relleno, served with fresh-mex rice and a side of beans a la chara.

This steak was cooked very nicely and had great flavor. This meal also comes with your choice of corn or flour tortillas, so you can make your own steak tacos.

After making a few tacos, I just ate the steak with a slice of the chile relleno and a sautéed onion and it was delicious.

We ended our visit with a very delectable Tres Leches Cake

This is a sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

Chevys Tres Leches is a very light but firm cake that did not have a soggy consistency, despite being soaked in a mixture of three types of milk. Not to sweet and not too soggy made for an excellent desert.

If you are in the area, I would recommend you to stop by the newly redone Chevys in Lake Buena Vista. You may be surprised at what you will find inside, and you will definitely be surprised by the menu redo.

Everything we ate and drank was very fresh, flavorful and tasty. I'm definitely going to keep them on my top list of Tex-Mexerys to visit on occasion and will certainly bring friends and family from out of town when ever the opportunity presents itself.


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