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Eternal Tap

116 W. Church St.
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 601- 4946

If you have not found it yet,.... allow me to
introduce you to Eternal Tap.

A unique establishment that does not quite fit into a "one name says it all" restaurant.

Eternal Tap is located on Church Street, just past the railroad tracks if you are coming from Orange Ave. 

There is a sign outside that will point you to an outdoor patio that is the main entrance.

After a great opening, and then a shaky settling down period, Eternal Tap is seeking to establish itself amongst the top  destinations in the Orlando dining and bar scene.

What started as mostly pizza and a few bar food items with beer and cocktails, is surprisingly turning into a very fun place with lots of activities, great drinks and exciting food. 

Eternal Tap has always held a good standing when it comes to pizza. They have a nice brick oven that fires up and makes for great flavor and a pretty decent crust. With the help of Chef Jason Bruner, ET is also finding creative ways to cook more than just pizza in that oven as well.

Craft Beers, along with local and regional beers are available at their expansive bar. If Beer is not your thing, you can find your favorite alcohol available with a variety of Eternal Tap's specialty cocktails.

And if that is not enough, they have recently opened one of Orlando's only Premium Whiskey Bars. Its a unique concept named Whiskey Cellar that is located downstairs in a dark and mysteriously haunted cellar space. Premium craft whiskey like... Deaths Door White Whisky is available, as well as some of Eternal Tap's specialty Whiskey cocktails mixed with a variety of syrups, juices, and herbs.

Above ground you will find a few pool tables and some retro arcade games like Missile Command, Galaga, and Pac Man with ample space in an inviting old world atmosphere.

One of their unique cocktails I enjoyed was, a Pepsi and PopcornIt starts out as Captain Morgan Rum that actually soaks in buttered popcorn and then is filtered back to make for quite an exciting flavor.

The other cocktail we sampled, The Chilean Smash which consists of Kappa Pisco with a Jalapeño and Ginger infused Grand Marnier, was intriguingly sweet and hot all at the same time. 

We started our food portion of the evening with popcorn....yes POPCORN.

This however is a truffle infused popcorn with fresh Parmesan and sea salt.  It is pretty awesome popcorn, and if you had nothing else but drinks and popcorn at would be happy!

There are nightly chef selections of Brick Oven Sliders.

We had the meatball sliders with fresh mozzarella and a tangy tomato sauce. Very Tasty!

The Chicken Kabobs are fire roasted in the brick oven with peppers and sweet red onions and then drizzled with a house made hickory BBQ sauce.

The chicken had a nice char from the brick oven and still managed to be tender and delicious.

Next up, we split an order of Curry Chicken Salad. The chicken is roasted in the brick oven first and allowed to cool, then it gets tossed with curry sauce and craisins and is served on a bed of mixed greens.

I will have to admit, as someone who likes authentic curry dishes and East Indian food in general, this salad had a great flavor and texture and tasted pretty good. 

Since the Brick Oven is the center piece of Eternal Tap, no visit should be without one of their pizzas. 

From Wild Mushroom to Buffalo Chicken to Margarita they have a nice selection of toppings and you can even get a gluten free or whole wheat crust.

Our pie could have used a few more toppings for being a meat lovers,  but overall it was good with a
 very nice thin crust that was cooked well with that tasty brick char on the bottom.

We ended the evening by splitting a Bacon Brownie. 

The brownie is very cake like with a rich chocolate flavor that has bits of bacon throughout. It was a nice flavor combination with the vanilla ice cream, and a perfect night cap.

Eternal Tap may not be so visible from the outside, but once you go there, you will see what a great asset they have in the building they are in. It comes complete with Ghost Stories, a secret Whiskey Cellar, and now it has some pretty darn good food too.

They deserve to do well, and should....providing everyone finds them.

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