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Brooklyn Water Bagels

4026 North Goldenrod Road
Winter Park, FL 
(407) 681-4011

I recently stopped by the all new Brooklyn Water Bagels in Winter Park for breakfast on a Friday. This is the all new bagel and coffee concept that uses some serious water purification to get the coffee and bagels as close to the taste and flavor of the real deal in New York. They currently have 17 locations and are still looking for franchises to expand.

What Brooklyn Water Bagels is betting its success on is, that better water makes better bagels and better ice makes better iced coffee. Rather than import water from Brooklyn, they have developed a highly sophisticated filtration system that is on display as soon as you enter the store. The business motto is.."It's all about the water". This water is used in everything they make from bagels to coffee, and even coffee ice cubes.

The system is said to be proprietary. It consists of a reverse osmosis system that disinfects the water and then re-mineralizes it to create water of exceptionally high quality.

The inside is not very big at all. There are a few tables and chairs and a couple of bar seats. 

Although I opted for a Garlic Bagel, Brooklyn Water Bagels has plenty of other options such as, Three Egg Breakfast Sandwiches, Bagelwiches, Melts, muffins, and many different flavors of bagels from sweet to healthy.

The spreads are pretty simple. Plain, Low Fat, Scallion Cream Cheese, Veggie, Butter, Jelly and Peanut Butter.

I had the Scallion Cream Cheese with my Garlic Bagel.

I will be the fist to admit, I am no bagel expert. Sure, I have had many bagels from different places, but I have not officially had an "Authentic New York Bagel".

What I can share with you is this...  My Garlic Bagel was pretty dang good!

This bagel had a thin, crusty exterior that was toasted but moist and chewy in the center. It was also very filling and satisfyingly wholesome. I would have to say, its the best and biggest bagel I have had in Orlando so far. The Scallion Cream Cheese was loaded up and delicious too.

The iced coffee at Brooklyn Water Bagel is quite unique.

Its called  "The Cubsta" because The ice cubes are made of coffee. This is a neat concept, since we all hate that water based ice meting down in our drink and watering it down. When this ice melts, it makes more coffee.

All coffee is made with freshly ground and then roasted beans.

I must admit, that the coffee was very strong and flavorful, but less acidic than most coffee, probably because of the highly filtered water.

They have some specialty blends you can order, like Hannah Banana which is made with Banana liqueur and dark rum flavors blended with caramelized brown sugar, cinnamon and butter flavorings.

If you prefer to add your own ingredients, they have skim milk, whole milk, half & half  and sugar. They also have a variety of flavored syrups like Cherry Coke, French Vanilla, White Chocolate Mint and Simple Syrup.

Although it is a franchise, it is a pretty cool concept with really good coffee and really good bagels. I would definitely return and Tastes Of Orlando thinks you should check them out too!

If any of you have ever had a "Authentic New York Bagel" stop by Brooklyn Water Bagels and let me know what you think.

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