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Harry Buffalo

Harry Buffalo

129 West Church Street 
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 422-6656

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If you have ever had the chance to visit Mojo Bar and Grill on Church Street, you will be familiar with the location of this new joint venture that is now known as Harry Buffalo.

Mojo opened in 2010, taking a prominent space in the old Rosie O'Grady's just as the new Amway Center was opening. 

Back in October 2012, Mojo, a Cajun inspired restaurant shut down after a relatively short run, and was transformed into Harry Buffalo. Apparently the owners did not think the whole Cajun thing was working out in downtown.

The owners of Mojo have now partnered up in a joint venture with Kevin O'Donnell, who with several partners owns the Harry Buffalo restaurant chain that is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. You may also recognize Kevin O'Donnel as the owner of Frank & Steins Eatery and Pub.

The menu overall consists of burgers with Beef, Chicken, and Bison, along with a variety of sandwiches. They have pizza's, nachos, tacos, and a small seafood offering as well. 

Of course a restaurant with Buffalo in its name also has a selection of Buffalo wings and a variety of sauces with a decent selection of drinks and craft beers to wash it all down with.

Harry Buffalo serves a sports-bar fare, with plenty of TV's blazing. It certainly fits in more on Church Street near the Amway arena and it really fits the overall night life of the Downtown scene.

Along with the sports theme there is also a nightlife/bar theme that has a big open dance floor like Rosie O' Gradys use to have for some fun weekend nights, or to get lose after a Magic game.

I went with two guests and we had a sampling of the menu. My overall impression of the food was so so. Most of the dishes were bland and lacked flavor, but were heavy on the bread.

For starters we had the Loaded Pita Nachos.

You are supposed to get fried pita chips topped with cream cheese sauce, melted cheeses, tomatoes, banana peppers & green onions for $7.99

You could add Chicken for $1.99 and Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket for an extra $2.99

Sadly we had no cream cheese sauce and about 3 pieces of a sliced tomato with around 6 banana pepper rings and a pile of melted cheese in the middle.

This appetizer would have been good if it were served properly, but it was just a pile of fried pitas with some dry melted cheese and no sauce. This hardly qualifies for nachos in my opinion.

I love some good Bison meat, so I got the Shroomin Bacon Cheddar Burger with Bison meat.

Once again, I felt robbed of ingredients. I have had plenty of Bison burgers, and know good and darn well, that it should be a well formed patty like a beef burger is. 

My burger had about 5 nuggets of Buffalo meat balls covered in cheese and smothered in pretzel bread with hardly any bacon.

The burger itself was bland and was a mess to eat. I like a  good messy burger, but when you pay an extra $2.99 for Bison and the meat is falling out of the burger in chunks, leaving you to have large bites of pretzel bread,........lets just say... I was disappointed.

One of my guests had the Buffalo Chicken Pot Belly Melt.

It consisted of a thin breast of chicken deep fried and covered in Buffalo sauce, stuffed with french fries, coleslaw and tomatoes with some mozzarella cheese and served atop thick sliced Italian bread.

This sandwich was OK. It had some weird flavor of horseradish, or something we could not figure out. The bread was so thick, it really took away from trying to get an adequate taste of anything.

My other guest had the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese sandwich.

It was an interesting idea for a sandwich... 

Fried Buffalo chicken topped with Mac & Cheese and Cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese served over the infamous thick Italian bread.

This sandwich was pretty bland. Harry Buffalo does make a good Mac & Cheese, and adding it to a Buffalo sauce covered fried chicken breast makes for a great flavor and texture combination, its too bad it was dull and flavorless. 

We went on a Friday night while the NCAA tournament was on and the place was loud and crowded with plenty of Basketball fans with their Beers. Our server did a pretty decent job overall, as all of our dishes came out in a timely fashion.

Harry Buffalo should do a much more brisk business then the former MOJO did, but I  don't think it will be the food luring in guests and Magic fans after a game.

Its a fun place and a cool atmosphere for a sports pub, but the food has room for improvement.  Tastes Of Orlando likes a good Buffalo Burger, so perhaps I will go back sometime in the future to see if they get it right before I scratch them off of my list.

Harry Buffalo is open from 11:00am until 2:00 am

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