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Oyster Bay Restaurant

551 S. Chickasaw Trail 
Orlando, FL 32825

(In the Rio Pinar Plaza)

Not so long ago there use to be a place called Calico Jacks.

CJ's we called it was quite the place for wings, beer, and of course one of the best raw oyster bars in Central Florida.

 It was quite a popular hangout spot for a lot of friends. I believe they had 2 or 3 locations.

On most nights it was a party atmosphere with really good wings and great oysters with loud music and even louder people...A great place for a good time on a Friday night.

One of the most popular items among my friends and I was a wing recipe they had. The wings were called Caribbean Breaded Wings.

Those wings were a taste sensation like no other wing we ever ate. some point and time,  for reasons I do not know,  Calico Jacks closed its doors and was never to be heard from again.

Years passed by and I never could find any replacement for my treasured Caribbean breaded wings.

So imagine my surprise one day a few years ago, when a flyer landed on my door.

The flyer was for a place called Oyster Bay,  that was right around the corner from where I lived. As I read over the menu, I noticed something right away. This Oyster Bay place claimed to have a certain CARIBBEAN BREADED WING!!

Upon reading that juicy detail... I decided some investigation was necessary

Here is what we uncovered...

Oyster Bay is owned by part of the people that owned Calico Jack's.They have the same great wings and oysters like C J's did. They have changed a few things over the years and Oyster Bay is a bit more tame and laid back compared to Calico Jack's.

Overall the quality of the food is the same as I remember and  we have always received great service. My wife and I usually frequent Oyster Bay about once a month as we have been going there for the past few years ever since we got married.

So I figured now was a good time to share one of my favorite wing places with all of you!

Inside Oyster Bay you will find a fairly large seating area with plenty of T.V.'s playing whatever sports are currently on.

In the front of the restaurant there is a bar you can sit at also.

There used to be a raw bar in the back. For some reason the raw bar has been converted into a smoothie cafe. I am not sure if it is operated by Oyster Bay or if the space is leased out.

But not to worry... you can still get your fill of oysters and clams here.

Oyster Bay prides itself on having the best hand selected oysters and clams

They are available by the dozen or by the half dozen raw or steamed. You can also get oysters Rockefeller if you wish.

All oyster and clams are served with condiments for dipping and a large basket of crackers.

I like mine piled up with everything...a dab of hot sauce, splash of cocktail sauce, with some horse radish, then dipped  in butter with a squirt of lemon...mmmm good!

No wing place is complete without good beers and drinks. Oyster Bay has a full service bar and offers beer by the pitcher or bottle. 

Here you will find all the regulars like Budweiser, Michelob, Miller and Yeungling at very affordable prices.

I suppose you could also wonder to the smoothie cafe in the back and see what they have available......

Now...without further delay lets discuss the wings!!

Since we were out with my brother in law who can eat a lot food...we went for the gusto!

After we finished devouring 1 dozen oysters, we ordered 30 wings and a large side of fries.

You can spilt your wings any way you like. We ordered 10 Caribbean breaded, 10 Teriyaki breaded and 10 naked with medium hot sauce and garlic.

Oyster Bay has wings any which way you want them. 

They even have a sweet chili glazed wing that is delicious...almost like a sweet candy coated wing with a dash of spice.

You will not find those dinky wings here...Oyster Bay serves the full size wings....which I like.

As for the Caribbean breaded wing...I have no clue what is in the sauce. I know its got Cinnamon, Ginger, Allspice and some other things I cant quite put my finger on.

Try them and you will be hooked!  I always order them with out fail, and they are always as good or better than I remember them to be at Calico Jack's. 

The fries are probably some food service distributed brand of crinkle cuts, but they were very crisp and tasty. 

It would be a disservice not to mention that Oyster Bay serves a plethora of other foods. You can get shrimp, burgers, steaks and even gator tail.

It is just very hard for me to order anything else since I am in love with the Caribbean breaded wings.


As far as I am concerned, Oyster Bay has the best wings in Orlando.

If you are in the area for lunch or if you are looking for a fun place on a Friday night, Tastes Of Orlando recommends you stop by Oyster Bay. (Ask For the Caribbean breaded wings)

Click here to see the menu..!!

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