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Florida Seafood Bar & Grill

480 West Cocoa Beach Cswy. (520)
Cocoa Beach, Florida

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Welcome to Florida Seafood.....

A unique restaurant with quite an identity crisis on its hands.

After driving from Orlando and meeting up with the family in Rockledge, to celebrate a birthday, we all headed out to Cocoa Beach. Almost no one in our party had been to Florida Seafood before and we are all Florida natives, so I thought it would make for a great review.

Florida Seafood is a long standing establishment in Cocoa Beach. It has been through a few different name changes over the years, but Florida Seafood has stuck around for at least 10 years. The restaurant has become quite a favorite stop for tourists and natives alike. 

When we arrived on Saturday night around 7:00 pm the place was packed.

We grabbed a spot outside and hung out at a pretty cool little sand bar / tiki hut and had great conversation.

Sadly conversation was the only thing on the menu. Although there was an actual bar area listing drink specials.....there was no bartender to be found.

Also missing was some type of food to snack on or even the offer of eating outside.

I will admit that we should have called ahead and reserved a table for a party of 8, but even still, a 1 hour and 20 minute wait had the natives restless.

After much back and forth with the hostess it was determined that they only had 1 section that they could put large groups in. The large group that was occupying our would be spot was just hanging out and having drinks. They had finished their meal long ago....

Once we got inside we were able to take a tour of this Kitschy tourist stop.

I immediately felt I was live on the set of the John Candy classic film...Summer Rental
(insert restaurant scene here)

If only Capt. Blackbeard or Capt. Hook could have led us to our table...

The place is lined with tiki hut coverings, statues and mannequins of pirates with fish nets and hooks for hands, and tables that are filled with sand and sea creatures that have been sealed.

Along the walls there are some beautiful saltwater tanks filled with live corals and a few fish. As an aquarium hobbyist myself, I thought this was really neat.

There is an actual bar inside with some tv's and plenty of drink specials.

One  thing I could not locate was the Oyster Bar. Florida Seafood claims to have one of the best oyster bars in Central Florida.

I looked all around the restaurant and did not see an oyster bar. People at this bar were drinking drinks but no oysters or clams were to be had.

Once you are seated you are served some delicious corn fritters.

These are just as good as the ones you can get at Dixie Crossroads. Albeit the portions are a tad smaller.

All meals come with your choice of salads or  soups. I had the house salad,  which came with my choice of Kens dressing.

Others in my party had the clam chowder and  said they really enjoyed it.

The identity crisis began surfacing when I read the entire menu from front to back and back to front, and then a few more times. I started to feel really confused. I looked all over and the actual seafood selections at Florida "Seafood" seemed a bit limited.

All together this place had a real good down home Florida feeling to it. Its the kind of place you would expect to get some great fried shrimp or fish and a side of oysters, but I just kept feeling confused. 

First I saw no Oyster Bar. Second the menu was filled with pastas, steaks, rib eye, fried chicken, chicken teriyaki,  sandwiches and everything in between.

Most of the actual seafood I could locate was somehow strangely offered in multiple types of Italian sauces and dressings.

Like Rock Shrimp Parmaleni (Rock Shrimp covered in marinara sauce and covered with 3 types of cheese)

Or...Mahi Rosamaria (Mahi topped with a garlic lemon sauce, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and artichoke hearts) You can get Cod like this as well.

There was Mahi or Cod Florentine, Volcano, Oscar, and even Pistachio Crusted Mahi!

But the actual "Seafood" selections you would feel like ordering here were very few.

Just a couple of dishes like The Fried Fish Combo (Fried Fish and Shrimp) and the Florida Combo (Fried Shrimp, Fried Rock Shrimp, and Scallops) seemed like they belonged here.

The problem is this place screams of a good old fish fry. Or at least a place to go and have rock shrimp fried or broiled. Sadly the actual seafood offerings seem to be a side note.

This is evident in the fact that only 2 people in our party of 8 actually got any traditional seafood.

Lets work our way around my table....

First my wife ordered the Steak Volcano 

It is a 9oz. center cut steak,  topped with baked seafood scallops and shrimp
covered in a spicy Cajun sauce.

The steak was very moist and tender and the  seafood toppings were delicious.

My brother in law had the Mahi Volcano...same as above but with Mahi.

He really enjoyed his Mahi.

His fries and everyone's for that matter, were soggy and tasted waterlogged.


My mother in law ordered the Linguine with white clam sauce. She said the clams were tasty, and thought the sauce and the pasta went well together.

I really tried to get a good picture of my other brother in law's Prime Rib and Lobster he ordered, but the photo did not show up well.  He said he liked what he ordered very much.

My sister in law decided to try the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich.

It was a big slab of chicken breast covered in marinara sauce piled up with cheese.

 It looked pretty good and she told me it tasted good too.
(minus the soggy fries)


My father in law manned up and got the the Florida Combo which includes : Shrimp, Rock Shrimp and Scallops.

 It was quite a large portion of shrimp and was more than he could eat.

 Then there was me...... 

I had to get something that was going to be traditional "Florida Seafood".

So I got the Fish & Shrimp Combo.

The feelings of being confused were only heightened when I received my plate.

I got 1.5 pieces of fish and 7 pieces of shrimp along with my soggy bottom fries.
At $14.99....I was a bit dismayed at such a tiny portion of food.  After all, everyone else in my party got enough food to have leftovers.

I guess it's my fault for ordering seafood at Florida Seafood that does not really specialize in "Seafood." The few shrimp I had were good (Rock Shrimp was not in season) but the fish had a soggy batter and needed to be sopped up in cocktail sauce to be made somewhat enjoyable.

At the end of the meal...I was in favor of petitioning Florida Seafood to change it's name.

I had been deceived.

How about:

Florida Seafood and Pasta Bar??....or... Florida Pasta & Steak Grill??

Would I return??


I just wont order any "Seafood" and would get the Volcano Steak.

Unfortunately "Seafood" is not the specialty of this one of a kind Kitsch Kitchen.


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